Leadership & Working Groups

Initiative Leadership & Participants

This collaborative, two-year initiative will benefit from the insight and expertise of a number of specialists across EMS.  Community input is encouraged throughout the process, and although the formal committee and working group positions have been filled, additional support and participation is welcome.

Steering Committee

The Steering Committee’s primary role is to provide vision and strategic guidance, monitor progress, and confirm alignment with the project aims. The members of the Steering Committee consist of industry leaders, luminaries, and improvement scientists. They will provide counsel to the project execution group and will assure that the measures meet the needs of the industry.

Robert “Bob” Bass,

Lori Moore-Merrell, DrPH, MPH, EMT-P

Kedar Mate, MD

Jerry Overton

Lucy Savitz, PhD, MBA

Brian Moore, MD, FAAP

Alexander Garza, MD, MPH

Paul Hinchey, MD

Troy Hagen

Tim Erskine

Daniel Spaite, MD, FACEP

Joe Penner

Lindsey Narloch

James Richardson, MBA, CCEMT-P

William “Bill” Metcalf

Patria de Lancer Julnes, Ph.D.

Raymond Christensen, M.D.

Todd Olmstead

Howard Backer, MD, MPH, FACEP

Martha Hayward

Jay Bradshaw

Project Execution Group

The Project Execution Group’s primary role is to act as management navigators with the aim to lead and support the execution of the contract and proposed project activities. The group includes the National Association of State EMS Officials Executive Director in addition to the chair of the three working groups, the project manager and support staff.

Nick Nudell
Project Manager

Robert “Bob” Bass
Steering Committee Chair

Dia Gainor
Project Execution Group Chair

Dave Williams
Measurement Design Group Chair

Debbie Gilligan
Technology Developers Group Chair

Keith Griffiths
Stakeholder Communication Group Chair

Alexander Garza, MD, MPH
Evidence Review Group Chair

Zoe Renfro
Project Coordinator

Measurement Design Group

The Measurement Design Group is the primary work group for developing and testing measures. The members of the Measurement Design Group  include subject matter experts with improvement science, data, NEMSIS, measurement, pediatrics, and research expertise. The group will design prototype measures, develop small scale and sequential tests to refine the measures, and produce the final measurement dictionary and guide, and will work closely with the Technology Developers Group to maximize use of the NEMSIS data set and test and improve measures using actual data.

Dave Williams

Jeff Beeson DO, RN, EMT-P

Alan Craig

Tony Fernandez

Mic Gunderson

Todd Hatley

Scott Kier

Shaughn Maxwell

Debbie Vass

Glen Youngblood

Bruce Evans

Jonathan D. Washko, MBA, NREMT-P, AEMD

Technology Developers Group

The Technology Developers Group will work in an advisory, testing and documentation capacity with the Measurement Design Group. The members of the Technology Developers Group include at least one NASEMSO member from the Data Managers Council, and other subject matter experts knowledgeable about NEMSIS V3 data with support from a NEMSIS TAC staff member. Once prototype measure definitions are defined, the Technology Development Group will test the measures on existing data sets to support learning, refinement, and verification.

Debbie Gilligan

Justin Jacoby

Richard Hale

Kim Berrisford

Dan Voss

Joe Graw

George Sarkis

Christian Witt

Stakeholder Communication Group

The Stakeholder Communication Group is responsible for developing a robust, consistent, and sustainable multi-medium messaging framework to support the project. The members of the Stakeholder Communication Group include well-respected strategic marketing and industry experts in the public safety realm. The group will use tactics such as social media, trade publications, email list communication and the project website to increase awareness of the aim of the project. The group will also facilitate collection, summation, and sharing of input.

Keith Griffiths

David Page MS, NREMT-P

Matt McQuisten, MBA, NRP

Gary Wingrove

Julie “Jules” Scadden

Alisa Habeeb Williams

Evidence Review Group

The Evidence Review Group is responsible for evaluating the scientific literature and “grading” the quality of the evidence used to support EMS performance measures. The members of the Evidence Review Group include prominent academicians – researchers and scientists that have an interest in and specialize in prehospital care.

Alexander Garza, MD, MPH Chair

Frank Guyette, MD, MPH

Carol Cunningham, MD, FAAEM

Paul Dabrowski, MD, FACS

Matt Sholl, MD, MPH

Kathleen Brown, MD

Richard Kamin, MD

Douglas Kupas, MD, FACEP


Peter Taillac, MD, FACEP

David Marcozzi, MD, MHS-CL, FACEP