Julie “Jules” Scadden

Julie Scadden has been actively involved in EMS for over 22 years and currently serves as the Director of EMS for the Lisbon-Mt Vernon Ambulance Service in Mt. Vernon, IA. Scadden has served as a Senior Paramedic, CQI/Data/Grant Administrator with Sac County Ambulance Service in Northwest Iowa, past Rural AED Grant Coordinator for the Iowa Bureau of EMS and Family Representative for Children with Special Needs with the Iowa EMS-C program.

Scadden is the Past-Secretary of National EMS Memorial Bike Ride, “Muddy Angels”; Coordinator of the East Coast Ride honoring EMS LODD and injury for four years as well as Coordinating the First Annual West Coast Memorial Ride in 2013. She is a founder and past Secretary of the National EMS Museum Foundation and Founder of the Iowa CPR Education Foundation.

Scadden is currently on the Executive Committee for the National Volunteer Fire Council-EMS/Rescue Section and is a past Director-at-large and Chair of the NAEMT Health and Safety Committee. She is an EMS Educator and presenter at regional, state & national EMS conferences; co-author of Fundamentals of Basic Emergency Care, 3rd edition and contributing author Prehospital Care Pearls and Pitfalls.