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Safety-01: Lights and Sirens Response to Scene Rate


A rate of emergency lights and sirens responses. This includes each vehicle responding to an incident.


Number of lights and sirens responses


Number of responses originating from a 911 request


Lights and siren responses are demonstrated to have a greater risk for patients, providers, and public. Assessing risk is an important EMS system issue. The intent of this measure is to allow an agency to assess the use of lights and sirens responses within the agency.

Pseudocode Numerator

eResponse.24 - Additional Response Mode Descriptors
2224015 - Lights and Sirens;
2224017 - Lights and No Sirens;
2224021 - Initial No Lights or Sirens, Upgraded to Lights and Sirens;
2224023 - Initial Lights and Sirens, Downgraded to No Lights or Sirens

Pseudocode Denominator

WHERE eResponse.05 - Type of Service Requested is 2205001 - 911 Response (Scene)

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