Tony Fernandez

Tony Fernandez has been a nationally certified paramedic since 2005. He was the second person to successfully complete the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians Emergency Medical Services Research Fellowship. In 2010, he accepted the position of Research Assistant Professor and Director of Emergency Medical Services Research for the EMS Performance Improvement Center at The University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill. He is responsible for performance improvement initiatives and assessments of the state EMS data systems in North Carolina, South Carolina, and West Virginia. Therefore, he’s very familiar with NEMSIS v2 and v3 data elements and how these can be utilized for measurement and performance/quality improvement.

Fernandez’s research focuses on patient care in the prehospital environment, occupational health and safety, disaster preparedness, and understanding the EMS workforce.

In 2012, Fernandez was elected a Fellow for the American Heart Association. His current interests include utilizing EMS patient care data for bio-preparedness surveillance, linking EMS data with data throughout the continuum of care, and assessing the improvement in prehospital patient care that can be gained by sharing patient outcomes with field level EMS providers.