Troy Hagen

Troy Hagen is the CEO of Care Ambulance in Orange County, CA. Hagen has been involved in Emergency Medical Services since 1989. Hagen spent four years at Brookings Ambulance, a hospital based 911 provider in South Dakota, and 19+ years at Ada County Paramedics in Boise, Idaho. He held many positions at Ada County including Paramedic, Field Supervisor and EMS Director for the last 8 years, prior to relocating to southern California.

Hagen holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Biology and a Master’s in Business Administration. He is a frequent national lecturer on EMS leadership, management, and finance topics. Hagen has published many articles in EMS trade magazines on leadership topics. He also served as lead author/researcher for the National EMS Advisory Council white paper, EMS Makes a Difference: Improved clinical outcomes and downstream healthcare savings and EMS System Performance-based Funding and Reimbursement Model report. Hagen served as the Finance Committee Chair for the National EMS Advisory Council which provides guidance and advice to the federal government regarding EMS issues. He also serves as President of the National EMS Management Association.

Hagen was recognized as a 2009 Idaho Health Care Hero by the Idaho Business Review and received the national 2010 Pinnacle EMS Leadership Award of Excellence for his research and publication.